Phone/Zoom Call: $125 / Half Hour

If you live out of state or just want to chat about a few things this is perfect for you!

Come up with a list of questions/topics ahead of time and we'll talk through them

on the phone or over FaceTime. 


In-Person Meeting: $200/ Hour

Let's meet up! We can grab a coffee and you can ask me anything! Nothing is off limits. 

We can talk business, editing, marketing, shooting, you name it!


Live Session: $300

Let's book a session! Depending on which area you are looking to grow the most, we 

can book a live session where i will walk you through any questions you have regarding posing, 

camera setting, location, ect. Following the session, a 30-45 minute post session meeting happens! 

We can upload the images and edit a few to see in which direction you're going with your editing style 

and how i can help. 



Some topics of interest include: General business, marketing, workflow, portfolio, website, branding and style, editing/lightroom + photoshop, posing and equipment.